Turftech proudly maintains the following golf courses:

  • Remuera Golf Club
  • Waitemata Golf Club
  • Waikere Golf Club

Turftech seeks long term relationships with their clients where the client is able to focus on their core business of being a successful and sustainable club.  We are confident in our ability in turf management and therefore do not hold our clients to a contract.  They are free to terminate our agreement at any time.  We work very closely with our clients to support them in their strategic direction.  Some of the reasons our clients engage Turftech are :

  • They are attracted to Turftech’s skill base
  • Turftech has a fleet of specialist maintenance equipment that can be used on their site and then removed.  A golf club owning this equipment does not make economic sense
  • The client has chosen not to manage or recruit greenkeeping staff
  • Turftech is effectively a one stop shop for turf management
  • Owning, maintaining and replacing expensive turf maintenance equipment is not seen as a core role of the golf club

A summary of the benefits of contract maintenance are:

  • The cost of maintenance can be tailored to the club’s  cash flow; eg. more can be paid when the course is busy and less in the quieter winter months
  • The club does not need to budget for costly course maintenance equipment
  • The club  does not need to concern itself with the employment, management and training of greenkeeping staff
  • The club and contractor can share in the benefits of the contractor’s bulk buying power
  • The club’s management can focus on running the club and managing its financial health, instead of focusing on managing the greenkeeping staff and equipment

If you would like to find out more about contract maintenance, please contact Rob Briscoe on (021) 2758494 or rob@turftech.co.nz