As golf clubs and other sporting organisations invest substantially into sports surface re-development, the value of their assets increase dramatically. Like any large investment, it should be protected and maintained for future longevity. A key part of the maintenance process is the ability to accurately locate the underground assets quickly and efficiently. Whilst infrastructure location is often known by employees, i.e. head groundsman or the course superintendent, this can change very quickly if a staff member moves on, taking with them that critical knowledge. Investing in drainage or irrigation upgrades without accurately recording their location can be likened to having a new pavilion or club house built without receiving as-built plans upon completion.

Traditionally, surveying large areas like golf courses or a sports complex was an extremely expensive exercise. Turftech are now able to offer an affordable mapping solution for all sports turf surfaces.

Today’s technology offers highly accurate solutions for mapping and creating a wide variety of plans including drainage networks, irrigation systems, topographical maps for future development, as-built plans and 3D models.

We can offer a full range of options which will allow any sports turf surface to be accurately mapped by using GPS technology