Tru Turf RS48-11C Greens Roller

Hours: 1,100
Indicative Price: $6,500

The RS48-11C is designed to roll your greens in any direction without line creasing. With a rolling swath of 1200mm (48″), a split smoothing head, finger-light steering, and the patented triple offset smoothing rollers, it produces a high surface without compacting the green.


  • Engine                       Honda 6.5hp
  • Steering                    Joystick directly connected to smoothing head
  • Spikers                     11 x 8 points to a depth of 30mm (1¼”)
  • Ground Speed        Up to 18kph (11mph)                
  • Trailer                       Built in for rapid transporting 
  • Swath                        2 x 600mm (24”) Split heads=1200mm (48”)
  • Weight                      305kg (672lb)

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