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As leaders in contract based golf course and school grounds maintenance, Turftech offers a superior service with great results.  We are also well-equipped to provide irrigation and drainage installations, with our hi-tech specialist machinery.

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Turftech are the first and only company in New Zealand to own a Topdrain: The Topdrain machine cuts 3 x 40mm wide x 200mm deep trenches spaced at 0.5m centres in a single pass. The spoil is excavated and the trench is repacked with high grade sports field sand. The end result is an evenly spaced quality sand slit system. This can be installed on a full size field. For more information on our drainage services, please contact Aaron Hutton on 021 702704 or

Drainage System Construction

Over the past five years Turftech has invested heavily in both drainage equipment and personnel with drainage construction expertise.  Sports surface drainage design is site specific and dependant on underlying soils, sporting requirements and available finance.  It usually involves installing a primary drainage system consisting of a main drain and laterals at 5 to 10 metre centres.  The lateral drains collect water from the secondary drainage system and feed it into the main drain which takes the water off site. Turftech now own state of the art survey equipment which is used to map the area to be drained.  This software uses GPS technology to determine slope, hollows, high points and assists in a drainage system design.  Once designed the software downloads the design into the tractor mounted receiver which controls the trencher without operator input.  This results in very accurate trenching with the correct slope.  On completion of the drainage project, the customer is provided with an “as built plan” in PDF format.  This can be utilised in the future when for identifying exactly where drainage has been installed. The secondary drainage system is usually constructed by one of the following methods:

  • Sand slits
  • Vibra mole
  • Sand or gravel banding
  • Topdraining

This drainage grid system can be as close as 50cm centres.  Water is collected from the surface and deposited into the laterals mentioned above.  It is vital to install secondary drainage as the effectiveness of primary drainage is severely curtailed if the water cannot get into the lateral drains.

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