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As leaders in contract based golf course and school grounds maintenance, Turftech offers a superior service with great results.  We are also well-equipped to provide irrigation and drainage installations, with our hi-tech specialist machinery.

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Turftech has invested heavily in both personnel with sports turf construction expertise, and world-class drainage equipment.  Drainage design is site specific and dependent on underlying soils, sporting requirements and available finance.

Sports turf drainage consists of installing an in-ground primary and secondary drainage system. The primary pipe system consists of a main drain and laterals spaced at 5 to 10 meter centres. The lateral drains collect water from the secondary drainage system and feed it into the main collector drain which takes the water off site. The secondary drainage system is usually constructed using one of the following methods:

  • Topdraining
  • Gravel banding
  • Slit-draining

Turftech owns state of the art survey equipment which is used to map the area to be drained.  This technology uses GPS to determine slope, hollows and high points, and assists with drainage system design. We operate fully automated laser guided equipment, ensuring accurate grades are achieved when trenching.

For further information on drainage installation, please contact Aaron Hutton on 021 702 704 or

Turftech Supertrencher

Our state of the art Top Draining equipment in action

Super Trencher

Loading sand into our Top Drain hopper

Hi lift trailer

Fast Flow Hopper

Coils of drainage tubing

6 ton Fast Flow hopper

Top drain in operation

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